Sabbath Songs for an Emergent Church

I have been blessed in my current position with the United Church of Canada to spend some sabbatical time reading contemporary theologians and responding to my reading by writing music for congregational singing. From mid-May to the end of August 2014, I read the texts of some contemporary theologians (particularly Brian McLaren) and wrote?songs for congregational singing that reflect the theology of those texts. You can read more about the project here: SabbathSongs Project

Sometime this year, I will have recorded 10 – 12 new pieces of music, each in three?renditions: acoustic guitar and voice, full band with voice(s), and the backing track without voices. All the song versions will be available as a single “album” on iTunes, CDBaby, etc. The lead-sheet, or musical notation, and a guitar chord version, will be posted at download. I will also post the files for Digital Audio Workstations (like GarageBand) for church that would like to modify the tracks directly.

In addition, a few of the chorus style songs will become part of a communion liturgy suitable for band-style musical accompaniment. The liturgy will be published by the United Church General Council office.

As I work away at this project, some of the songs in “draft” form will appear in the song list on this web site as well. So check back periodically to see what is developing!