Songwriting and Recording

The lyrics do matter

I am a contemporary musician. Most of my youth was spent in the folk/singer-songwriter genre … although I did play some bass and guitar in country-rock bands as a teenager, and in a Christian rock band called “Chrysalis” in early university years. The last 30 years has been a mix […]

Sweet Communion 1

A couple of decades?ago a friend of mine told a story in a sermon recalling an experience of an encounter with a woman who lived on the streets in Toronto. Here is his story.


Pillar of Fire

My friend, colleague and fellow musician Wanda Stride was in my studio a few weeks ago to record the theme song for the upcoming meeting of the Bay of Quinte Conference of the United Church of Canada. Wanda had recently listened to?an interview by Donalee Williams, minister at Fort McMurray, talking about the recent forest fire that caused the evacuation of the city. Wanda had begun forming a song in response to something that Donalee has said in the interview ? that she now was struggling with the?meaning and power of the words “fire and wind” that we use (often casually)?on Pentecost Sunday. With Wanda’s chord structure I arranged this song using my studio software and Wanda laid down some vocal tracks. After some mixing and further editing, this is the result of our collaboration.


To make you smile

When my daughter Sarah was about 10 years old she made a coffee coaster for me as a fathers’ day school art project. The coaster was made from a CD jewel case and had some paper artwork on one side and a poem she had written on the other side. The coaster sat on my desk for a decade as a constant reminder for me. One of my colleagues noticed it one day and said to me “You should write some music for that.” I don’t know why that hadn’t occurred to me before but it hadn’t. So I wrote a melody, recorded it and created a video for it, put the DVD in the jewel case and gave it to her Christmas 2015. Here is that video.